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Social Computing Symposium 2016

Monday, January 11

Future of Entertainment

Organized by Brady Forrest and Kati London

Future of Entertainment talks

  • Jason Nadler, EP @Midnight &;
  • Game of Thrones: Creating Immersive Entertainment - Melissa Eccles, Creative Director Immersive;
  • Gavin Purcell, Tonight Show (NBC); 
  • Rachel Garcia, VP Marketing & Social at BBC America;
  • The art of neural networks - Mike Tyka, Google Deep Dream

Audience Choice Talks

Videos are not available for this session.

  • Bob Mankoff- crowdsourcing caption contest 
  • Latoya Peterson- Vine 
  • Data analysis of MacBeth, Clive Thompson
  • Katie Davis –fake instagram 
  • Anil Dash- advocating for why when we say “don’t read the comments” 
  • Judith Donath- faces and interfaces 
  • Farrah Khan- the way media perpetuates rape culture 
  • Tricia Wang- future of VR 
  • Vivienne Ming- diabetes, jose zemore, migration patterns 
  • Tim Hwang – history of startups