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Social Computing Symposium 2013: "Off the Radar"

Thursday, Jan 17

Afternoon Session: "Innovation in Unexpected Places" (organized by Baratunde Thurston)

Baratunde Thurston, Cultivated Wit

Belinda Thurston, Just B Yoga

“Building Community through Yoga”

Alexa Clay, Misfit Economy

“Citizen Based Innovation”

Taya Weiss,

“Collective Flying & Wing Suit World Records” 

Anand Giridharadas, New York Times

“Problems which need Innovation: Ongoing Debt, Guns, Old Age, Remote Journalism, ”

Evening: Audience Choice Talks & PowerPoint Karaoke (organized by Brady Forrest)

Reception and dinner at NYU Torch Club

Morgan Ames, Standford University

“My Little Pony or Porn Star”

Tricia Wang,

“Ethnography and Social Media as Diverse Space”

Linda Stone,

“The Physiology of Technology & Unconscious Intelligence”

Colleen Estrada, Microsoft Research

“The Value of the Gut Feeling”

Mark Kaigwa,

“A Story from Africa”

Karrie Karahalios, University of Illinois

“Discussion and Questions regarding Introverts and Social Media”

Alexa Clay, Misfit Economy

“Hermits & Internal Innovation”

Gilad Lotan, SocialFlow

“To Bot or Not”

Ethan Zuckerman, MIT Media Lab

“The Globalization of Sumo”