Since 2004, Microsoft Research (MSR) has sponsored an annual symposium on social computing that has brought together academic and industry researchers, social startups, writers, and influential commentators in order to open new lines of communication among previously disconnected groups.

Social Computing Symposium 2016

The 2016 symposium includes sessions on The Future of Entertainment, organized by Brady Forrest; Harassment, Threats, and Trolling Online, organized by Elizabeth Churchill; Post Screen Personas and Listening Machines, organized by Kate Crawford; and Moderation that Works, organized by Matt Stempeck.

Social Computing Symposium 2015

The 2015 symposium focused on the theme of "consequences," with sessions devoted to the topics of consequences of new hardware (organized by Brady Forrest), consequences of crowdsourcing (organized by Andrés Monroy-Hernandez), consequences of humanizing systems (organized by Kati London), and consequences of design (organized by Fiona Romeo).

Social Computing Symposium 2014

The 2014 symposium will include presentations on utopian and dystopian views of big data (organized by danah boyd and Liz Lawley), creative uses of civic media (organized by Andres Monroy-Hernandez), North American social hardware startups and their relationship to Chinese manufacturing (organized by Brady Forrest and Amanda Williams), and social shopping trends (organized by Elizabeth Churchill and Ann Light).

Social Computing Symposium 2013: "Off the Radar"

The Social Computing Symposium 2013 theme is 'Off the Radar.' Inspired by Clive Thompson’s closing talk from 2012, we focus on populations and topics we forget to discuss, often hiding in plain sight. We’ll focus on the weirdest things people do with social technologies...

Social Computing Symposium 2012: "The Public"

The Social Computing Symposium 2012 focuses on the changing nature of 'the public,' and is held on the campus of New York University in the Interactive Telecommunication Program space on January 12-13.