Call for Participation
Are you a social-media savvy student who likes to play with new technologies? Are you passionate about the Internet, and have you thought about a career in design, research, development, community management, or related Human Computer Interaction (HCI) fields specializing in social media? FUSE Labs of Microsoft Research invites you to participate in our student social media advisor program, where you will have a direct impact on the future of social experiences online and through mobile devices.
Join Now!
What’s involved?
  • Register. First, register to participate by completing a brief registration form through the Join Now link above.
  • Play. You will be invited to play with various FUSE Labs prototypes. Our latest project is so.cl, a search and social networking site for the purpose of learning around shared interests.
  • Provide feedback. Give us feedback on what you like, dislike, and how you would improve the experience. As we seek specific kinds of feedback for our projects, you will be invited to participate in user studies – online questionnaires, focus groups, interviews, and so forth.
  • Engage. Engage with and grow your own communities within our applications.
  • Create. How would you improve our applications? Propose a class project, and we will work with you to give you the resources you need.
What’s in it for me?
  • You will have access to pre-release web applications, and as we respond to your feedback our applications will better serve your needs.
  • You will be added to the pool of candidates for our user studies, giving you the opportunity to receive gratuities (anything from coffee cards to software) in exchange for your participation.
  • You will be added to the pool of candidates for student community manager positions, who are selected from those who are most active in our projects, and show a capacity to engage and grow their communities. Community managers receive a small stipend to actively engage their own community.
  • You will be notified of opportunities to incorporate our projects into your course work, addressing the questions – how would you as a designer, developer, researcher, or community manager improve our applications?
  • You will receive announcements for internships or other student job opportunities as they appear.
More About FUSE Labs, Microsoft Research
Microsoft Research, FUSE Labs is a world-class research and rapid prototyping lab focused on innovation in social technologies, thinking 3-5 years out. The lab works in partnership with product and research teams to ideate, develop, and deliver new social, real-time, and media-rich experiences for home and work. FUSE Labs experiences give users new ways to create, connect and collaborate with the people, information and ideas that matter to them. Learn more at: http://fuse.microsoft.com/
Please note you may remove yourself from the student advisors program at any time. Simply send us your request to be removed.