Publication Guidelines: We encourage researchers to publish (or present papers or articles) on your results, provided that;

  1. The researchers (and research) have followed our Microsoft Socl Dataset Terms of Use, and Guiding Research Principles;
  2. The paper includes no user’s personally identifying information or any quoted content of the site by which personally identifying information may be inferred, without the researchers acquiring additional consent from the user(s).
  3. You will provide Microsoft with a copy of any proposed publication (this includes, without limitation, manuscripts, abstracts and other publications) at least thirty (30) days prior to final, camera-ready submission for publication, at Microsoft shall have thirty (30) days (the “Pre-publication Review Period”) to review the proposed publication to assure compliance with our publication restrictions (1 and 2 above). At Microsoft’s request, the proposed publication may be delayed for up to three (3) months beyond the end of the Pre-publication Review Period. If Microsoft seeks to delay publication, Microsoft shall make such request in writing together with identification of information or materials of concern and reasons why delay is warranted. You shall not unreasonably deny, condition, or delay responding to this request. Please submit a draft or send questions early in your review process for feedback about any potential concerns regarding publishability. Submit paper as a pdf via email to, with the following information in the email: authors, title, abstract, journal or proceedings of publication, publication submission date, publication date.
  4. You will provide Microsoft with a copy of the final paper and associated citation to be listed on our web site, again at