Thank you for your interest, this experimental project has been archived and is not supported anymore.
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Personalized News for You!

Project Emporia turns your votes on stories into your own personal newspaper.

Every day we are told about information overflow; how so much data is coming at us through so many channels every day that it is difficult to weed out the gems that are important to us from all the noise. For those who aren’t social media mavens, the whole concept can be intimidating, and for those that are, digesting social streams can become a huge time sink.

Project Emporia offers one solution to this. Project Emporia sifts through ever-evolving news streams to identify hot stories, categorizes them into topic areas and ranks them, and then presents them to you in a friendly UI. Just by opening Project Emporia you get popular stories on topics of your choice without ever having signed up for anything.

This is just the starting point however, you can also influence how future stories are chosen for you, one vote at a time. Your votes will improve the relevance of Project Emporia’s news story choices not just for you, but for every other user as well.

  • Project Emporia is brought to you from Microsoft Research FUSE Labs
  • Project Emporia identifies relevant news stories and surfaces them categorized by topic
  • Project Emporia gives users a way to tap the pulse of the Internet without signing up for any accounts

Project Emporia is available both on the web at as well as on Windows Phone 7 in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Please follow @projectemporia, or search on Twitter to find out the latest information.